Salsa Cubana 4


Mittwoch, 20:00 - 21:15

Raum Hönggerberg, Raum der Stille

05. Nov 2018 - 14. Dec 2018

Fortgeschrittenes Niveau

Mit Ilya Vasilenko, Yudith Blanco Soler

Kosten: mit Legi 40.0 / sonst 80.0 CHF


Salsa Cubana


Prerequisites: We expect you to know the following things! Please contact us if you have doubts about your level.

  • You know basic steps incl. Guapea (open basicstep) and the music rhythm of Salsa Cubana (1-2-3,5-6-7)
  • You can start dancing on 1 or 5 to the music
  • You hear the Salsa rhythm (incl. knowing where is 1 and where is 5) and you know how to start dancing in the middle of the song on your own.
  • You can dance several patterns staying in the rhythm of the music
  • You can connect at least 2-3 patterns without a basic in the middle
  • For men: you can dance the right turn (enrroscate)
  • You know the following patterns
    • Dile que si
    • Dile que no
    • Enchufa
    • Setenta
    • Sombrero
    • Bacilala

Ausgebucht: Dieser Kurs ist ausgebucht. Die Anmeldung ist leider nicht mehr möglich.