Tango Fusion 2


Freitag, 18:30 - 19:45

Raum HIM E-4

08. Apr 2019 - 01. Jun 2019

alle Niveaus

Mit Kadir Akin, Helene Zingg

Kosten: mit Legi 45.0 / sonst 90.0 CHF


Tango Fusion (or Tango Nuevo) is the combination of Tango Argentino steps with the elements of improvisation and freestyle dance. You will learn some intermediate level Tango Argentino steps and improvisional figures in this course. You can take the course if you know how to do front ocho and back ocho. 


Some examples of Tango Fusion can be seen in the links below.


08.04.2019 / 19.04.2019 / 26.04.2019 / 01.05.2019 / 30.05.2019