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A Glimpse at The Seven Secrets of Ballroom Dancing


External partner course


All levels


Englischer Walzer ( Playlist ) ,



Axel Bomhauer-Beins


KGH Oerlikon

Mittwoch, 20:35 - 21:50
04. March 2020 - 10. June 2020 (!)


INTRODUCTION. Dancing is so much more than just the steps taught in regular dance classes!

In these workshops we will take a glimpse behind the scenes of glamorous (standard) ballroom dancing and discover which seven secrets make this dancing more than just a sequence of steps. Using English Waltz and, in parts, Quickstep as examples, we take an exciting journey that offers fascinating insights for advanced beginners, experienced dancers and competitive dancers who are interested in social dancing.

Each workshop lasts 75 minutes; in principle, the workshops are independent, but the knowledge gained from previous workshops is highly useful.


04.03. Empowering Your Posture

18.03. Handling the Hold

01.04. Rotate in Line - Turn in Place

29.04. Leading Passively - Following Actively

13.05. Sweetness of Swing and Sway

27.05. Presenting Your Partner

10.06. Conquering Crowded Floors


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PREREQUISITES. The workshops in this series are suitable for dancers who already have a certain amount of dance knowledge and level of experience and confidence. Recommendation:

  • At least 1 year of dance experience in social dancing
  • A confident sense for English Waltz and Quickstep
  • Mastery of the newcomer syllabus in these dances

The workshops are designed and will be led in a way that everyone who fulfils these requirements can participate profitably—even dancers of higher levels!





11.03. Rhythm & Discofox

25.03. Cuban Style Latin 1: Salsa & Son

08.04. Cuban Style Latin 2: Cha-Cha & Bolero