You can pay your TQ course in 3 different ways:

  • With a voucher: If you have a voucher you can use it by clicking on the link you will get in your course subscription confirmation mail. This link is personalized to you, therefore you will need your own confirmation mail to use your voucher.
  • Pay Online: You can pay online by doing a bank transfer to our bank account
    The bank transfer is free or low cost if you have a swiss or european bank account (SEPA-Zahlung).
    The details for the bank transfer are listed in your confirmation email.
    Important is that the personal number from your confirmation email is specified correctly in the comment field of the bank transfer. Do not use a payment slip to place the transaction.
    Please make sure that the bank transfer is completed on the first day of the course (initiate bank transfer at least one working day before). Otherwise the teacher will not be able to see that you payed online.
    • It is possible to pay for you and your partner in a single bank transfer. You have to put both # numbers into the comment field, and of course, transfer the sum of the course prices. Please double-check how much your partner have to pay (in his confirmation email).

  • Cash: It is now only possible to pay in cash for exceptional cases. For example if you own only foreign banc accounts with high fees. Please use the online payment otherwise. It is really easy!
  • Counter Payment in Cash: coming soon