Solo Jazz

Charleston, Tap, Black Bottom and more
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Luisa Barbanti


ETH Zentrum, Alumni-Pavillon


15.00 CHF für Studierende, sonst 30.00 CHF

Mo, 30. Jan. 2023, 18:45 - 20:15


Solo Jazz is swing dancing without a partner.
It includes black jazz dances from the years 1920 to 1940 like the Charleston, Tap, Black Bottom and more.
Elements from these dances can be freely and creatively combined, or they can be found in popular routines like the Shim Sham, the Big Apple or the Tranky Doo.
Dancing without a partner does not mean dancing alone though! Group dynamics, getting inspired from each other and interacting in jam circles are important elements of Solo Jazz.

This class is open to everyone with or without previous dance experience in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, or other dances.