Lindy Hop 1

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Lindy Hop


Karin Spori & Matej Pavlovic


UZH Zentrum, GLT A-02


35.00 CHF für Studierende, sonst 70.00 CHF

Donnerstag, 18:30 - 19:45
02. März 2023 - 06. April 2023 (!)
Do, 06. April 2023


Lindy hop is a swing dance originally danced by African-Americans in New York in the 1930s and 40s. In the past few decades, it is experiencing a surge in popularity, with dancers' communities all over the world. Read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindy_Hop

Lindy hop is...

  • Lindy hop is a couple dance - it is danced in pairs of one leader and one follower.
  • Lindy hop is a social dance - any leader can dance with any follower, even if they never met before. And every dance can be a new experience, very different from the other ones. This is why we change partners in class as well.
  • Lindy hop is an improvized dance - while choreographies do exist (mostly for performances), the vast majority of the time the the dancers (both the leader and the follower) are creating the dance on the fly, expressing what they hear in the music at the moment.
  • Lindy hop is an inclusive dance - everybody dances it - no matter the gender, the age, the physical strength, ...
  • Lindy hop is a fun dance - it is danced for the pleasure of the dancers - the first priority is for the dancers to have fun. Being great to look at is just a nice side effect 🙂
  • Lindy hop is a silly dance - many moves are silly on purpose - that's what makes it even more fun!
  • Lindy hop is a sporty dance - when the music gets fast, you better have many spare t-shirts.

The teachers are looking forward to sharing all that fun with you!

In Lindy 1 we start from the scratch (no previous experience necessary). First, we get to know the right bounce, then we learn the first rhythm variations and end in 8 count moves: half and full promenades, circles, swing outs from side by side and from open position.