Smooth Partner Dancing

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Carmen Burn & Eric Biderbost


UZH Zentrum, GLT A-02


35.00 CHF für Studierende, sonst 70.00 CHF

Montag, 20:00 - 21:15
06. März 2023 - 03. April 2023 (!)


This course is aimed at dancers who are looking for a fluid dance on modern music with a slower tempo. We will mostly dance smooth jive and modern blues and you will see a clear heritage from west coast swing and tango in the moves we will learn. You will find a description and videos of the dances here.

You have mastered your first dance steps but are looking for more confidence and fluidity? You love modern music with a slow to medium tempo? This course will help you develop a smooth dance style with the aesthetics of west coast swing or blues.

We believe that a dance begins as a conversation between two dancers inspired by the music, and we use connection and flow to guide our steps and grow confidence in our movements.

This class is open to all dancers, but we recommend that you join our social partner dancing class first.