Chalet Latino 2020


Anmeldung geschlossen




Bachata, Salsa Cubana



Jaun, Fribourg



13. Nov. 2020 - 15. Nov. 2020


Join Chalet Latino 2020 from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th November in Jaun, Fribourg. A dancing weekend organised by Tanzquotient and CUBAliente (the Salsa dance association of EPFL) to meet new people and enjoy fun activities around dancing, with a focus on Cuban Salsa. For this 3rd edition you can expect:

  •   13 teachers,
  •   more than 15 workshops (saturday and sunday)
  •   Opening party "Caribbean Tribes" on Friday
  •   Jack and Jill (Saturday)
  •   Saturday costume party with two theme rooms:
    • Pirates of the Caribbean (Salsa and Bachata music)
    • Beyond the sea (choose your music and be a DJ, bring your phone with playlist(!!!) whether its kizomba, zouk, reggaeton or Forro)
      Note: We encourage you to dress up for the theme "The Caribbean" on Saturday evening, but costumes are optional.
  •   Sunday "Surprise" activity
  •   Outdoor activities (depending on the weather conditions)
  •   And more ...

Like in the previous editions and to ensure the quality of the week-end an intermediate Cuban salsa level (Salsa 3 completed) is mandatory. The cost for the whole weekend (incl accomodation, food, program; excl transportation) is CHF 100.-. Car sharing will be organized.

For further information on requirements, scope of price, helping duties etc. click HERE. With registration you accept the TQ GTC, as well as these specific terms. After accepting your registration, we require you to pay the fee within one week and fill out forms for further information (dietary requirements, workshop preferences etc.). If you do not follow this, we may cancel your registration.

We hope to see you soon on the dance floor!