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Latein, Standard


Philip Banyer


Hönggerberg, Raum der Stille


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Donnerstag, 20:00 - 22:00
02. März 2017 - 15. Juni 2017 (!)


Für alle, die gerne ihre Technik in den europäischen Standard- und Lateintänzen verbessern wollen. Jeweils abwechselnd Standard/Latein. 1.10.=Latin


Date Style Teacher
22.9. Standard Philip
29.9. Standard Philip
6.10. Latin TBA
13.10. Standard Philip
20.10. Latin TBA
27.10. Standard Philip
3.11. Latin TBA
10.11. Latin TBA
17.11. Standard Philip
24.11. Latin TBA
1.12. Standard Philip
8.12. Latin TBA
15.12. TBA TBA


Einstieg jederzeit im Semester möglich!
Preise (Studierende/Hochschulangehörige): 8/10 CHF pro Abend pro Person

Stempelkarte: 55/110 CHF (für 8 Abende)

mit registriertem Partner:

Couples Card: 150 CHF für das gesamte Semester (gilt für zwei Personen)

Bezahlung in bar am Anfang der Stunde!

Standard The art of movement to music.

Most of my students dance to offset the stresses of life work and studies.
Dancing will give you the chance to exercise and socialise with other people.
Ladies love to turn and move to music so dancing suits them.
A man that dances will gain self-confidence, he will also learn the skills of a gentleman.
Couples have to work together this will develop communication skills.
Most of all dancing is a creative outlet developing emotion and feelings to music.

Teaching ETH students is very positive for me to work with them.
They always ask me very good questions.

Here is a mixture of subjects covered during the courses.

What is the character of each dance.

What is following as a lady dancer.

What and why do we lead.



The hold.

Body Connection.

Why do we need CBM.

Inside outside of turn.

Why we need torsion in dancing.

How to produce outside steps.

What kind of swing

Usage of the standing leg.