Even though Zürich offers a lot of possibilities to learn or practice ballroom dancing, most options to not fit into a students budget. The "Tanzquotient" was founded to promote ballroom dancing among the student population, specifically by making it affordable. Since Spring 2008 we are an agency of the VSETH and in the summer of the same year, were able to organise our first workshops and dance parties. That those were well visited, despite them taking place during the Exam and Holiday periods, was further proof of the existence of a demand for affordable dance courses and events. 

Nowadays we offer courses in over 20 dance styles, organise free trainings and events. Furthermore, other related projects like Show groups or tournament dancing are being encouraged and aided as well as possible. In order to cultivate the social aspect of ballroom dancing, we are constantly concipating new events, for instance the PBTQ-Party in collaboration with the Polyband.


The TQ's offer is specifically addressed to students/affiliates of the ETH, University of Zürich and Fachhochschule, though members of other Universities are able and welcome to enlist in our courses too. Non-students are only admitted to the courses as partners of students/affiliates. They are however welcome to visit our open events! The ASVZ-courses are an exception and are open to all ASVZ-members.

Get Involved

Since we are a small team, we work closely together and we always need new people. 

One way of helping is by assisting us in one of our events. Just cross the "get involved" checkbox during subscription or create your . This way we will email you before the next event. 

Would you like to lead your own projects and contribute with your ideas? Managing large and small projects alike? Or would you rather be a background player for equally important tasks? In all cases you’d perfectly fit into our team and the managing committee. We’re looking for new, creative heads for the following diversity of tasks:

  • Organization of events: there are no limits as long as enough helpers can be found. In addition to our established events, we are always up for collaborations and new events.
  • Strong communication: we need strong communication on all fronts, be it with our teachers, the VSETH or in collaboration with other societies. We’re spreading information through many channels. Our modern interface allows you for instance to change content on the website without IT-knowledge.
  • Cool posters: the best event will only succeed with excellent advertisement and announcement: your chance to get creative when it comes to designing posters! Amongst others, we work with Photoshop and Gimp.
  • Modern IT: our IT includes front end task like managing email accounts, cloud solutions to share and archive documents and the homepage content. If you want to dive deeper, you can improve our online system by developing new features and gain valuable experience in web development. Check out our state-of-the-art webstack, the TQ system is open source!
  • Course administration: here you can learn how a distributed dancing school works. Offering a broad selection of courses and managing the registrations is a challenging task and can only be achieved with constantly optimized processes.

Depending on what you want to do and how much time you can spare, we’ll find the right fulfilling job for you. Just drop us a message or join our next meeting!

We’re looking forward to having you on board!

Board members