Below you find a list of partners of TQ. Partners are dance schools, individual teachers or groups who help us generously to organise workshops, teach regular TQ courses or take part in other collaborations.

(You want to become a partner? Contact us)

Founded in April 2019 by Axel and Annina, Tanzclub Academia Zürich aims to offer further education for advanced ballroom dancers without entering into competitions.

Please check our website for the current course offerings.


Dance Zouk

Dance Zouk was founded of Eric Fehr, who has teached for TQ and now founded his own dancing school. Until today he is dancing in Shows and at other events of TQ.

He offers his Courses with attractive student discounts !

West Cost Swing Zürich

Gyuri und Eszter of West Cost Swing Zürich gave a fantastic Workshop for us (at Adventstanzen 2016 and Winter 2017).

They offer courses with 50% discount for students.

Forró Vem Vem

Forró has become very popular recently, also because of the group Forró Vem Vem, that organises Forró events in serveral cities and even organise festivals in Switzerland.

Ask us for student discounts for their festivals.

Giraffe Dance Zurich focuses on Hustle and Discofox dances and also runs a course with TQ.
They also offer courses and dance parties with over 50% discount for students.