Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Just enter the email address of your partner when you sign up.
Individual registrations are welcome! We will try to find a partner for you. Early registrations as well as information about body height increase the chances of our sophisticated matching system finding a partner for you.
Dancing isn't dangerous so normally no harm will come to you, others or objects. In case something does happen after all: insurance is the dancer's responsibility. You are not insured through Tanzquotient.
Our dance classes are directed at students and PhD students of ETH, University and Fachhochschule. Exceptions are made for partners of (PhD) students. Single registrations from non-students will be accepted if possible.
In every semester, we offer two course periods with around 6 weeks each (+ Workshops in semester break). The first course period begins in the second week after semester start, the second course period starts about 8 weeks into the semester. We’ll try to open registrations a week before courses start. Registrations close a day before the course starts, registrations after this deadline cannot be considered. Make sure you don’t miss out on the registration deadline by liking/following our Facebook page or subscribing to our newsletter.
After your registration you will receive an email which will confirm the incoming of your registration. Once your registration was accepted by us, you will receive a second email. After the incoming of the second email a cancellation of your registration is not possible any more.
We only support online payment. Detailed information can be found in the confirmation email. Please do not use credit slips (“Einzahlungsscheine“)!
It’s generally perfectly fine to dance in normal streetwear. However, leather soles are recommended for your shoes. Dancing in (clean) socks is also possible.
The first half of the semester usually hosts courses 1/3 while the second semester half offers the intermediate/advanced coursers 2/4. We might offer additional courses depending on high demand.
The regular courses have 1-4 levels. If you have successfully completed all levels and want to continue dancing at Tanzquotient, you would have the possibility to join a group or launch one yourself. We would be able to assist you with room availability depending on the capacity.
Of course! We are looking for teachers on and off. Contact us!
We are always looking for helpers! Depending on how much time you would like to invest, we have diverse and highly interesting tasks for you to offer. Give us a shout!
If you have absolutely no experience in a higher level course a registration is not feasible (also in your own interest). Please wait until the start of the next semester when the first course starts once more.
The extensive course offering varies. Usually Salsa cubana, Tango Argentino, Lindy Hop and diverse standard dances are constantly on offer. Still can’t decide? We usually hosts free courses on Friday evening in collaboration with ASVZ at ETH Hönggerberg. Our teachers run different taster courses for you to try out new dances and find your future passion.