Events calendar

On the website you can find a rich selection of ballroom dance events. Under Salsa und Bachata events are published. The Tango calender tangomango is a go-to for milonga-enthusiasts. Please note:

  • The calendars are not maintained by Tanzquotient
  • There is no claim to completeness
  • It is advisable to check with the organizer that the event is actually taking place

Music for Dancing

In response to inquiries, our DJ Stefan Rickli (Spotify user: stefanrickli) has put together a collection of music for different dance styles:

Collection of Stefan Rickli (Spotify)

The songs are sorted by dance and tempo, with the most suitable tempo marked with a star. Of course there are many other good songs, and this selection is merely meant to ease or to provide a starting point for your own search.

Dance Etiquette

In a second, a man can embarrass himself for eternity.

The Five Golden Rules of Social Dancng

  1. Behave the way you would like others to behave towards you.
  2. You generally cannot decline an invitation to dance except for three reasons - with only one exception to this rule1.
  3. Adjust your dancing to your partner and the situation on the floor.
  4. Change dance partners or take a break after at latest three songs.
  5. No unsolicitated teaching. Ever.

Here you can download the short and the full Dance Etiquette.

Thanks to Axel for providing this resource!

1 There are only three cases that allow you to decline an invitation to dance: (a) you do not know the dance, (b) you have to take a break or (c) you already have promised the dance to someone else. Go easy on (c)! Exceptions apply if the one inviting violates the rules, is insecure (e.g. collides with others) or behaves in an inappropriate way.