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Our dance classes are directed at students and PhD students of ETH, University and Fachhochschule. Exceptions will be made for partners of (PhD) students. Single registrations from non-students will be accepted if possible.

Enlistment for a course

Enlistment is possible as a single person as well as as a pair, as there are always registrations from singles who are looking for a partner to begin or continue a course. You can see notes in which courses single men/women are waiting for a partner. You can enlist independent from this notes, but they increase your chance to get a place.

After enlistment, you will get a first confirmation. If you don't receive this one after some hours, please write to tanzen@tq.vseth.ch . Your subscription is only definitive after a second confirmation, which guarantees you a place in the course. Be patient please!

VERY IMPORTANT POLICY CHANGE: After the incoming of the second E-Mail a cancellation of your registration is not possible any more.

Information for the payment of the courses are listed in the participation confirmation mail. (General Payment Information)

If the course is full, we advise you to put your name on the waiting list. We will then look for a place for you.

Collaboration Cubaliente 2019 10. May 2019 - 12. May 2019

FS2019 Q2 08. Apr 2019 - 01. Jun 2019