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Stretching for Dancers - ONLINE


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Eric Fehr


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Dienstag, 18:15 - 19:30
10. Nov. 2020 - 22. Dec. 2020 (!)


Welcome to our newly set up class "Stretching for Dancers"!

We are very happy to provide you now with regular weekly stretching classes lead by the highly trained professional Adélaïde Schläpfer. She will guide you carefully through the excercises and techniques towards your goals of flexibility and mobility.

Did you know that, when our muscles tense up and the fasciaes glue together with our tendons and muscles, we're not only feeling stuck physically (and mentally) but that this also has a significant impact on our health?

Therefore, proper and regular stretching is a key tool to keep our body in shape, flexible and healthy. And it simply feels good! If you have experienced the deep relaxation and comfort after releasing tensions through stretching, then you know what we're talking about. If not, maybe it's time for you to explore it ;)

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