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Touch and Consent in Dance

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DanceZouk .ch


Studio OneSpace


30.00 CHF for students, otherwise 60.00 CHF

Freitag, 20:30 - 21:20
29. April 2022 - 03. June 2022 (!)


TOUCH AND CONSENT is part of DanceZouks "Safe Connect Sessions", a movement and contact practice that invites the participants to safely explore their boundaries and enhance the sense of connectedness and responsiveness through experiments with distancing and touch in a safe and non-judgemental space. The participants will be invited for a guided partner work (we will change the partners after each exercise) that involve movement, touch, eye contact, embrace.

For whom?

- For dancers who want to enhance their partnering work

- For non-dancers who want to discover their embodiment

- For persons who struggle with relatedness to their own and others‘ body

- For those who want to experience different levels of physical connection in a safe non-sexualised context

The participants are free to set their own limits of their comfortable distance with each partner (i.e. distance, body zones). The teacher is trauma-informed. All participants must be 18 or older.