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All levels


Ballroom, Standard


Matthias Mayer


Hönggerberg, ASVZ Arena 3


No entry fee

Fri, 14. Oct. 2022, 18:00 - 20:00
Fri, 21. Oct. 2022, 18:00 - 20:00
Wed, 26. Oct. 2022, 18:00 - 20:00
Fri, 28. Oct. 2022, 19:00 - 23:59


Become a part of the opening show of the PBTQ, be the first to dance on the dance floor and enjoy a free drink

We will prepare the choreography to the Quadrille (Fledermaus-Quadrille, Op. 363 von Johann Strauß Sohn) as well as a Waltz.

To keep the course short, reverse Viennese Waltz is a prerequisite. In case of questions or requests to learn Viennese Waltz please contact

Dress code for the rehearsals:

  • followers: bright (preferably white) colors (only upper body important)
  • leaders: dark colors
  • dancing shoes

Dress code for the opening show:

  • followers: bright (preferably white) evening dress (over the knees) or white suit
  • leaders: black suit, white shirt, black bow tie or black dress (over the knees)
  • dancing shoes

The first two rehearsals will take place at Hönggerberg, ASVZ Arena 3, the final one at Hönggerberg, Raum der Stille.

(In case you cannot attend all of the lessons, that is okay, but your partner should come. Also you are invited to stay after the opening show.)


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Reviews the teachers got for other courses
23. Nov. 2023, 23:31 Ballroom Crash Course with Matthias Mayer, Johanna Niessing & Robin WolfRoom: Hönggerberg, HXE
Der Kurs ist wunderbar geeignet für Einsteiger, um gewisse Grundschritte und einfache Figuren zu lernen. In einer kurzen Zeit werden die Grundlagen auf eine gute Art beigebracht und direkt (nach einer kurzen Einführung) auch im Tanz mit einem Partner geübt.
22. Nov. 2023, 15:12 Ballroom Crash Course with Sonja Maria Merkle & Matthias MayerRoom: Hönggerberg, HXE
Toller Crashkurs, machte Spass und deckte die wichtigsten Tanzstile ab.
20. Nov. 2023, 10:01 Ballroom Crash Course with Robin Wolf, Johanna Niessing & Matthias MayerRoom: Hönggerberg, HXE
Absolute must for someone who, like me, has always been a little fascinated by dancing but was too shy to try it in front of other, more skilled people. The level is generally about the same for all participants, so I felt it was easier to make mistakes without feeling ashamed, and the teachers were really nice, and offered wonderfully clear explanations both in general to everyone, and privately on request. Great course, and the price is unbeatable!
19. Nov. 2023, 12:38 Ballroom Crash Course with Robin Wolf, Johanna Niessing & Matthias MayerRoom: Hönggerberg, HXE
Guter Kurs mit vielen Grundschritten verschiedener Tänze. Gut geeignet für den Start und Anfängerniveau.
17. Nov. 2023, 13:16 Ballroom Crash Course with Robin Wolf, Johanna Niessing & Matthias MayerRoom: Hönggerberg, HXE
very good crash-course to learn and repeat different basic steps and figures, the teachers made this very pleasant and fun