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Salsa Cubana 1

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Salsa Cubana


Reto Zihlmann & Tanja Zeller


UZH Zentrum, GLT A-03


40.00 CHF for students, otherwise 80.00 CHF

Thursday, 18:30 - 19:45
29. Sept. 2022 - 03. Nov. 2022 (!)


Salsa Cubana has got it all: phenomenal music, diverse rhythm patterns and a rich historical and cultural background, which is brought to you throughout the lyrics. You only need some basic steps to start dancing as a couple and then learn any of the playful, slightly rotating figures, which are typical for Salsa Cubana. This dance opens the door to related Cuban dance styles like Son, Rumba or the group dance called “Rueda de Casino”. Salsa Cubana provides the Caribbean feeling we are all longing for - so come, and dance with us!

In course 1 you will be introduced to the basic steps and the counting system of Salsa Cubana. You will learn to move in open and closed basic as a couple. Furthermore, we will show you “dile que no” and “dile que si” to switch elegantly between the basic patterns. You will also learn to do “enchufla” (left turn) and “enchufla para siempre” (multiple left turns).