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Salsa Cubana 1

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Salsa Cubana


Lena Meyer & Robin Renggli


UZH Irchel, Y25-H-92


40.00 CHF for students, otherwise 80.00 CHF

Friday, 20:15 - 21:30
30. Sept. - 04. Nov.


Salsa Cubana has it all: singing melodies, moving rhythms, and a rich history and culture reflected in the yarning lyrics. With some exercising you will learn playful, spinning, and complex knotted figures. These mastered, enjoy the Cuban way of dancing as a couple or show off with your friends in a neatly synchronized Rueda de Casino. And that isn’t it, Salsa Cubana prepares you for numerous other Latin American dances like Son Cubano, Merengue, Bolero, and many more!

¡Ven a bailar!

Trailer for the Rueda de Casino:

In the first course level, you will be introduced to the basic steps and the rhythm of Salsa Cubana. As a couple, you will learn to move in open and closed positions - either as a leader or a follower. We will also show you how to switch elegantly between the basic steps. You will learn the first turns and finally have an introduction to Rueda de Casino. 


Reviews for Salsa Cubana 1
22. Sept. 2023, 12:51 Teachers: Lena Meyer & Robin RenggliRoom: Hönggerberg, Raum der Stille
It was absolutely lovely! Robin and Lena are incredibly energetic and thoughtful teachers and I'm super-motivated to continue my dancing-journey with them.
05. Aug. 2023, 13:11 Teachers: Heidi Lee & Tristan ReinhardRoom: UZH Irchel, Y25-H-92
This class was really fun! Really good for anyone wanting to try out Salsa for the first time as it’s only for 6 weeks. The teachers are super helpful and everyone in the class was motivated so the atmosphere was super nice:)
04. June 2023, 21:54 Teachers: Tristan Reinhard & Heidi LeeRoom: UZH Zentrum, GLT A-02
Great course that motivated me to pursue Salsa further!
04. June 2023, 18:08 Teachers: Tristan Reinhard & Heidi LeeRoom: UZH Zentrum, GLT A-02
Amazing environment. Amazing teachers. You have the possibility to dance with many people.
04. June 2023, 16:07 Teachers: Tristan Reinhard & Heidi LeeRoom: UZH Zentrum, GLT A-02
Heidi and Tristan made the course a lot of fun and explained all the new steps, figures and turns with a lot of enthusiasm, detail and patience. This was a great way to get a taste of dancing salsa.
Reviews the teachers got for other courses
23. Sept. 2023, 11:55 Salsa Cubana 3 with Robin Renggli & Lena MeyerRoom: Hönggerberg, Raum der Stille
Lena and Robin were fantastic teachers. They always radiated positive energy and made the class a fun environment to learn and progress in Salsa. They introduced a lot of new figures and took the time to give general as well as personalized tips.
22. Sept. 2023, 14:45 Salsa Cubana 3 with Robin Renggli & Lena MeyerRoom: Hönggerberg, Raum der Stille
Great teachers for a great course! Robin and Lena are knowledgeable and fun, their course is enjoyable and teaches a lot.
12. June 2023, 20:30 Salsa Cubana 6 with Ilya Vasilenko & Robin RenggliRoom: Hönggerberg, Raum der Stille
A wonderful course with an incredibly funny atmosphere by Robin and Ylia. I liked the figures and the Rueda de Casino parts, the lead changes, the styling options and the energy! :D
05. June 2023, 08:08 Salsa Cubana 2 with Robin Renggli & Lena MeyerRoom: UZH Irchel, Y25-H-92
Lot of fun!
04. June 2023, 18:55 Salsa Cubana 4 with Lena Meyer & Robin RenggliRoom: UZH Irchel, Y25-H-92
Robin and Lena give a great class, not just with interesting figures and lots of help to get them right, but also an energy that just makes it really fun to take the class.