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Ballroom 1

Introduction to ballroom dancing
External partner course



Cha Cha Cha, Discofox, Englischer Walzer, Jive


Viera Klasovita & Axel Bomhauer-Beins & Melody Greminger


KGH Höngg


153.00 CHF for students, otherwise 170.00 CHF

Wednesday, 20:40 - 21:55
28. Sept. - 02. Nov.


Welcome to the 1st basic course! In this course we welcome you to the wonderful world of social dancing and discover together our first dances: Rhythm (Foxtrot), Discofox, English Waltz, Cha-Cha-Cha and Jive.
After the first course you will already know enough dances to take part in dance evenings and dance events—we look forward to seeing you!

During the social courses, we will teach you the basics of ballroom dancing. Ballroom dances are partner dances that are mainly popular in Europe and consist of two categories: Standard and Latin.

What you are going to learn

You are going to learn four classic dances with which you can shine on every dance floor. These dances are the elegant English Waltz, the vibrant Cha Cha, the modern Disco Fox and the upbeat Jive.


Reviews for Ballroom 1
14. June 2023, 09:08 Teachers: Veronica Edwards & Lucas MünsterRoom: ETH Zentrum, CAB Foodlab
In general, I think that this is a good course. It is very basic though - for someone with dance experience (followers especially, but leaders too), it only proceeds very slowly.
05. June 2023, 17:05 Teachers: Veronica Edwards & Lucas MünsterRoom: ETH Zentrum, CAB Foodlab
If you ever wondered whether to take a dancing course this is definitely the right address. The teachers are very kind and helpful and the learning pace is just right. I had a lot of fun!
05. June 2023, 14:41 Teachers: Irina Kempf & Tim GehrungerRoom: ETH Zentrum, CAB Foodlab
Der Kurs ist super für Anfänger geeignet, Tim und Irina erklären super!
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