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Salsa Puertorriqueña 3

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Salsa Puertorriqueña


Pietro Pugliese


GZ Grünau


40.00 CHF for students, otherwise 80.00 CHF

Monday, 19:45 - 21:00
03. Oct. - 07. Nov.


This class is directed to dancers who can already dance the basic step Salsa Puerto Rican or Salsa Cuban and who want to learn how to dance Salsa Puerto Rican LA-Style

Ideally, you have finished Salsa Cubana 1 & 2, at least Salsa 2 and a good routine in Salsa is required.


You know the music rhythm and basic steps of Salsa "1,2,3 & 5,6,7,&"

You know the following patterns
Right Turn
Left Turn
Cross Body Lead

Salsa Puerto Rican style is also called "Salsa puertorriqueña" in Spanish.
Basic steps and dance figures correspond to the Los Angeles or LA-Style, but it is danced in a more open way.
The partners present themselves here to each other with sophisticated step combinations.
Here are some example Salsa Puerto Rican LA and Mambo @ Social dance

Erica Spirito e Johnny Vazquez - Singapore Latin Festival - YouTube

(1) Terry SalsAlianza & Rita - social dancing @ IX Son Latinos Festival Gijon - YouTube

(1) Panagiotis Aglamisis & Amneris Martinez - salsa social dancing | Mamboland Milano 2018 - YouTube


Difference between Salsa Cubana & Puerto Rican LA-Style

(1) Diferencia entre Salsa Cubana y Salsa LA - YouTube

(1) Diferencia entre salsa cubana y salsa estilo Los Ángeles - YouTube


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