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Chalet Latino

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Bachata, Kizomba, Rueda de casino, Rumba Cubana, Salsa Cubana


Jaun, Fribourg


120.00 CHF

05. May 2023 - 07. May 2023 (!)


Dear salser@s and bachater@s

The 4th edition of Chalet Latino, an event cooperation of TQ (Zürich) and Cubalient (Lausanne), is scheduled for the weekend of May 5th - May 7th.

As last time, we reserved a chalet in the beautiful mountains of Fribourg (Jaunpass).

We are planning WORKSHOPS for Saturday and Sunday, including salsa cubana, rueda, son, bachata moderna & sensual, tango, and many others (7+ hours). There will be 2 PARTIES with two dance floors (Salsa & Bachata: 10 PM until i don't know ...) and

many other activities.

You need to have at least an intermediate level (Salsa 4) in Cuban Salsa to join. This way, we can ensure homogenous groups in classes and competitions.

We will also do our best to ensure the same number of leaders and followers. The price is CHF 120.- and includes the workshops as well as the nights at the chalet and the food. Travel expenses are not inclued. We encourage carsharing and will provide you with information about reduced train tickets as soon as possible.

As usual all the participants have to subscribe into teams and are required to help with houseworks (e.g. helping in the kitchen, washing the dishes, etc.).


31. May 2022, 13:35 Room: Jaun, Fribourg
31. May 2022, 11:38 Room: Jaun, Fribourg
- the collaboration with Cubaliente was super fun and definitely the coolest part of Chalet Latino - I liked the self-organization of cooking, cleaning, photo duties etc - just the cleaning at the very end on Sunday should have been organized better - please repeat!!!
30. May 2022, 15:02 Room: Jaun, Fribourg
Thank you so much for organising the weekend, it was so much fun! One remarks though, it would have been nice to have 2 dancefloors (salsa, bachata) also on Saturday evening.