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Salsa Rueda Switch

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Johannes Piotrowski & Lena Lindenmeier


Hönggerberg, HXE


35.00 CHF for students, otherwise 70.00 CHF

Tuesday, 19:45 - 20:45
26. Sept. - 31. Oct.


This course is for everyone who loves Rueda de Casino and wants to get to know an exciting variant of it. The Switch Rueda not only has figures with partner rotation, but also with role rotation - you then switch back and forth between your familiar and new role of leading and following. There are also many opportunities to practice the role of the Cantante. This course promises pure chaos, pure fun and a steep learning curve in the unknown role. 

We have the same requirements as a Salsa Cubana 3 course. To enter this course you should know:

- Rueda de Casino
- Dame & Fly
- Dile que sí & Dile que no
- Enchufla (double)
- Setenta
- Sombrero
- Vacilala
- Uno & Dos

If you are not (yet) familiar with the names, here is some help:


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Reviews the teachers got for other courses
24. July 2023, 15:37 Bachata 1 with Johannes Piotrowski & Lena LindenmeierRoom: Hönggerberg, HXE
One of the best TQ classes I have taken so far. The pacing was great, the instructions were clear, and great energy all around.
19. July 2023, 16:04 Bachata 1 with Johannes Piotrowski & Lena LindenmeierRoom: Hönggerberg, HXE
I really liked the course. Many thanks! I liked how we started and the figures of choice. It was perfect for beginners and people with some Salsa dancing experience. The course was fun!