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Zouk Beginner

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Studio OneSpace


175.00 CHF for students, otherwise 315.00 CHF

Monday, 18:45 - 20:00
25. Sept. - 18. Dec.


This course (Zouk 1, DanceZouk) is a NEW FULL SEMESTER course (13 WEEKS) and offers a deep and solid start for everyone, who likes to properly try Zouk for the first time.

Live the summer feeling and join our DanceZouk family! (

Take your first Zouk steps with us and dive into the sensual world of Latin dances. Besides our focus on necessary technique and precision, we see the magic in the subtleness and expressivity, as well as in the numerous ways you can use body movements to catch a song. In this class you will take your first Zouk steps, be introduced to the basic concepts of timing&connection and you will work out simple elements to live your playfulness on music within the basic steps.

IMPORTANT! Please bring Indoor-danceshoes or socks with you. It is not allowed to use streetshoes in the studio!

ZOUK. dynamic, fluent, creative. A mixture of Lambada, HipHop, Jazz to modern music (Pop, Rock, Elektro, Kizomba, HipHop, ...).

Discover with us this fascinating, powerful, fresh dance from Brazil.

In this course you learn the basic steps and concepts, which make Zouk so versatile, along with a first set of playful elements. For your inspiration ;)


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