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West Coast Swing / Smooth Swing 1 & 2

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Swing, West Coast Swing


Carmen Burn & Eric Biderbost


KGH Höngg


40.00 CHF for students, otherwise 80.00 CHF

Monday, 18:15 - 19:30
26. Feb. - 08. April
No lesson(s) on:
Mon, 01. April 2024




Discover a smooth and expressive dance and join a friendly and welcoming community.

If you enjoy modern music with a medium to slow tempo and are seeking the confidence to attend social dance events at the end of the course block, this is for you.

You will find more info about our dance here:

And here are videos from dancers we find particularly inspiring:


Reviews for West Coast Swing / Smooth Swing 1 & 2
08. April 2024, 06:59 Teachers: Carmen Burn & Eric BiderbostRoom: KGH Höngg
This course was very calm and comfortable. The teachers created a comfortable learning environment and were able to adapt their instructions such that almost all participants knew how they could personally improve.
Reviews the teachers got for other courses
27. Oct. 2023, 14:55 Smooth Swing with Carmen Burn & Eric BiderbostRoom: Kirchgemeindehaus Enge
Best course for learning to dance with your partner by working together. Makes a lot of fun! Good for beginners and advanced dancers as you have a lot of flexibility :)