Zouk 1

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DanceZouk.ch & Eric Fehr


ETH Zentrum, CAB Foodlab


40.00 CHF for students, otherwise 80.00 CHF

Tuesday, 18:45 - 20:00
11. June 2024 - 16. July 2024
No lesson(s) on:
Tue, 04. June 2024


Zouk, is the modern Brazilian partner dance famous for its flow, continuity and sensual wave like movements. Having its roots in Lambada and Samba de Gafieira about 20 years ago, Zouk developed into a seductive, dynamic and powerfull dance combining the agility and fire of brazilian dances with the smoothness of contemporary dance and inspirations from many more like contact improvisation, HipHop. It is danced to a very broad range of music styles from traditional Zouk to RnB, HipHop and Dubstep, from lyric to electronic music. It is this variety in music and movement schemes that makes this dance absolutely fascinating to us and we love to share our passion with YOU. Have a look on youtube and see you soon in class ;)




Take your first Zouk steps with us in our Beginner Course. In this course we introduce you to the basic principles of Zouk enabling you to float over the dancefloor with solid steps and a fun playfulness.

You will be learning both roles (lead & follow), not because you have to do both on the dancefloor, but because we believe that understanding the other role will improve your connection, versatility and creativity, no matter which role is your preferred one.

More informations can be found here.

More impressions can be found on our instagram.



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Reviews the teachers got for other courses
18. July 2024, 12:00 Zouk 2 with Eric Fehr & DanceZouk.chRoom: ETH Zentrum, CAB Foodlab
Eric ist ein technisch einwandfreier Lehrer. Er hat sehr fortschrittliche Methoden! Solange du übst und die tipps umsetzt wirst du richtig gut.
10. June 2024, 17:09 Zouk Quickstarter with Eric Fehr & DanceZouk.chRoom: Studio OneSpace
Der Quickstarter war super für einen Einstieg in Brazilian Zouk, aber auch andere Partnertänze (zB Liberato Dance). Eric war sehr kompetent und hat all unsere Fragen geduldig beantwortet! Sehr empfehlenswert :-)