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Sean Weaver


Hönggerberg, ASVZ Arena 3


5.00 CHF

Fri, 19. July 2024, 20:00 - 21:15


The topic of this week will be Slowfox.

About this course

Each lesson we will take an in-depth look at one topic and practice it using short step combinations.

WhatsApp Group Chat: 

This group chat will be used to announce further information/share videos of the class. You can join using this link or through the Tanzquotient Community on WhatsApp.

Recommended Level

This course is recommended for people with at least one year of Ballroom (Latin) dancing experience. If you learned dancing at Tanzquotient, this would mean that you've already completed all our regular Levels (1 - 6).

Important Notes
  • You must have a valid ASVZ membership to participate (note as ETH or UZH student you will automatically have that).
  • To enter the building you will have to register for the class and scan the QR code which you will receive after your participation is confirmed.


Reviews for Ballroom Training - Standard
16. April 2024, 13:14 Teachers: Florian VoglRoom: Hönggerberg, ASVZ Arena 3
Great course. Thank you for all the technique tips, they are worth a lot!
16. Nov. 2023, 11:23 Teachers: Sean WeaverRoom: Hönggerberg, ASVZ Arena 3
Very good explanations, very knowledgeable teacher.
14. Oct. 2023, 14:33 Room: Hönggerberg, ASVZ Arena 3
Great technique class, good explanations and good feedback.
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