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Open class




Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Discofox, Englischer Walzer, Jive, Kizomba, Lindy Hop, Quickstep, Rueda de casino, Rumba, Salsa Cubana, Salsa Puertorriqueña


Moana Rusch & Simon Wehrli & Thaïs Chastonay & Kadir Akin & Mónica Chelet Laserna & Robin Wiethüchter & Ruben Wohlgenannt


Hönggerberg, ASVZ Arena 3


No entry fee

Freitag, 18:00 - 19:15
24. Feb. 2017 - 23. June 2017 (!)



(We try to list the program when it is known beforehead)

28.2.2017: Kizomba Basics with Simon & Thaïs

31.3.2017: Kizomba Basics with Simon & Thaïs

7.4.2017: Salsa with Moana & Robin

21.4.2017: Salsa Rueda de Casino with Simon & Thaïs

28.4.2017: Tango Argentino with Kadir & Tutti

05.5.2017: Tango Argentino with Kadir & Tutti

12.5.2017: Historical Dancing with Daria

19.5.2017: Waltz with Moana

26.5.2017: Rumba with Moana

02.06.2017: Salsa Cubana with Ruben

This open class is organized in collaboration with ASVZ. You must be an ASVZ member to ve able to enter the building where the course takes place. You can decide anytime if you want to come or not. No subscription is needed and participation is free.

Different teachers of TQ will give a insight into their dance style. Some teach a small figure, other show you some technical tricks. This open class is also very suitable to find out what couple dance you like the most.

You don't have to bring a partner, but be flexible if the gender distribution is unequal.