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Eric Fehr & Nathalie Pede




mit Legi 25.0 / sonst 50.0 CHF

Mittwoch, 19:00 - 20:15
28. Feb. 2018 - 28. March 2018


MODERN LEAD & FOLLOW is a new concept class row, which dives into the study of contemporary lead&follow techniques developed in the cross-over of modern couple and solo dances. The content is strongly inspired by contact improvisation and new breathing techniques applied to the connection between the partners. The aim of the course is to deepen your knowledge of interbody communication, control of movements and creativity and its application to social/couple dance to largen your dance vocabulary and increase your creativity.


ATTENTION!!! This is a technical cours and independent of any dance style, hence it is suitable for EVERY dancer who strives to improve his dancing


COURSE 1:  Basic L&F vocabulary, extended vocabulary, control of the connection/movement, dynamics, movement quality. You learn new ways to understand your partner and gain more freedom in your dance.