Event Details

Social Dance Evening

Social Dance Evening
Sat, 11.06.2022, 19:30 - 23:00
KGH Unterstrass
Entry fee
12.00 CHF for students, otherwise 17.00 CHF
Covid Certificate required - you need to be either vaccinated or recovered (2G)
  •  An evening of social partner dancing in a stylish atmosphere – dress­code met? A non-alcoholic drink for free!
  • A colorful mix music of Standard, Latin and Popular Dances – varied and with less than 15 % Discofox
  • Singles and Partner Changes welcome!
  • Small Bar from 7 pm to 10.30 pm
  • Due to the Corona situation participation is only allowed with a valid Covid-Certificate and an ID.


Admittance Condition

We expect our guests to be dressed decently, i.e. at least a neat polo shirt and neat trousers (without holes). The gentlemen wear long trousers and closed shoes.
People who do not comply with this minimal dress code may not be admitted.

For a Free Drink...

... we expect an outfit corresponding to the stylish ballroom dance. Basically, ↗ Dresscode Informal is expected—but with the following simplifications:

  • All tasteful colours are welcome for the ladies.
  • Skirt lengths from knee to ankle are accepted; wearing tights is optional.
  • The tie is optional for the gentlemen; the jacket is facultative and can be taken off during the evening.
  • A waistcoat instead of a jacket is welcome, but also optional.
  • For ladies and gentlemen, all dance shoes are approved.

Ladies are asked to use heel protectors with regard to the floor.