Event Details

ETDS - European Tournament for Dancing Students

ETDS - European Tournament for Dancing Students
Fri, 07. Oct. 2022 - Mon, 10. Oct. 2022
TU Delft
Entry fee
Students: 75 EUR, Non-Students or PhD: 100 EUR

In October this year the biggest student dance tournament in Europe will finally take place again, the ETDS! (https://fotf3030.nl) The ETDS is a weekend full of dancing, four tournaments, dance parties, socializing, shows and much more! It is suitable for dance beginners (basics waltz, rumba, etc) up to absolute dance experts and offers a unique opportunity for hundreds of students from all over Europe to come together. You do not need a dance partner to participate and can find one during the "blind dating" evenings at the event.

The whole thing will take place on the weekend of October 7-10, 2022 at TU Delft (Netherlands) and the registration is open until June 16. We hope to travel to Delft together as a Zürich team this year, and we hope you can join us.

Click here to register (by June 16): https://forms.gle/tyGKSoUPfBXt7k439


What is the ETDS?!

The European Tournament for Dancing Students (ETDS) is a (usually) twice a year recurring event, where about 650 (ex-)students from all over Europe get together to dance the whole weekend, socialize with other dancers and just have fun. At its peak a couple of years ago, teams from 37 cities and 11 countries were represented! Unfortunately, some of the last ETDS events had to be cancelled due to Corona but there is hope that it can finally take place again in October!

The event will take place from Friday October 7, 2021 to Monday October 10, 2021. Teams generally travel together on Fridays and everyone sleeps in large sleeping halls. Friday night it all kicks off with in big dancing hall, lots of music, and lots more dancing! Basically, from Friday to Monday you have the opportunity to dance as much as you want with people from all over Europe, just have fun and watch other people dancing.
During the weekend there is a big (fun) tournament. Contrary to common national tournaments, this tournament is made for amateur dancers, from a few months to a few years of dancing experience (there is also a more professional "open" tournament running in parallel).
Importantly, you don't need a dance partner for the tournament. Instead, there will be a "blind dating" event where you can find a dance partner that suits you the night before. But alternatively, you can also come directly with your dance partner. The event is really for everyone, even with just a couple of months dancing experience you can make it far in the beginners class.

Here are a couple of videos from the Open class a few years ago (the Open couples are randomly selected):
Standard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofKSMzmh_Qg
Latin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBsYtbsbvGw

After we tried last year and it got cancelled let's try again and hope we can go there as a cool Team Zürich.