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Open Dancing: Get To Know Tanzquotient Edition

Open Dancing: Get To Know Tanzquotient Edition
Mon, 08. May 2023, 20:30 - 23:15
ETH Zentrum, Alumni-Pavillon
Entry fee
No entry fee
This evening you will get to know the people behind Tanzquotient and the possibilities to get involved.
Who is organising events? Who is replying when you have questions regarding payments? Who is planning all the courses and workshops? This evening you will find out.

Because there is a lot to do, we are always looking for new, motivated helpers.

Do you want to get involved with Tanzquotient on a regular basis? Potential tasks in the board or team range from poster design to communications to finances. There is surely something for every field of interest and time budget.

Are you more interested in sporadic assignments? Then you're welcome to join the team of helpers and support Tanzquotient at one of its events.

Come by and find out about the many opportunities or just chat and dance with us. Free drinks are provided :)

Tanzquotient looks forward to meeting you!


The Open Dancing ("Freies Tanzen") takes place regularly on Monday evening. Entry is free and there is no dress code either. We would like to offer all dance enthusiast a platform to dance in a casual atmosphere. Additionally you can meet likeminded dancers.

Our DJs play a broad variety of styles: Standard (Walzer, Quickstep, Tango,...), Latin (Jive, Cha Cha, Rumba, ...), Disco Fox, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Bachata and more. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!