Get Involved

Become Part of the Team

At Tanzquotient, you get to work together with students from various backgrounds that share your passion for dancing.

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You gain experiences for life that are not taught in lecture halls. This is the ideal place to learn new skills in leadership, organisation, designing, networking or programming. We are all part of the same team and support each other wherever it is needed. This is an opportunity to grow - and Tanzquotient will grow with you. Additionally, you can benefit from a free admissions to our events and free dance courses.

What can I do at Tanzquotient?

Everything is possible. You can for example help at single events, organizing something more regularly, teach classes or become a board member. You are invited to contribute your own ideas for new events, courses or whatever might improve Tanzquotient and support student dancing.

Be a Helper

As a helper you can support your favorite events by doing important but small tasks. You can choose what tasks you want to do. Typical examples are helping with the setup, making drinks at the bar or being the DJ for the evening. Of course, our event helpers always get free entry!

Join our Helpers Chat on WhatsApp now without any obligations and get notified whenever your help is needed.

Be a Teacher

If you already know how to dance and want to share your knowledge and passion, you can join our teachers team. You would typically be teaching one evening per week during the semester and will of course earn some money (30 CHF per hour). If you are interested, send an email to and introduce yourself.

Be a Team Member

As part of the team you work together with a board member on specific projects. You can also bring your own ideas and we will do our best to support you in making them happen. As a thank you, you get one dance course for free each course period. There are many tasks for team members which can also be adapted to fit your interests and schedule. Examples could be organizing a specific event, helping with dance class organization, communications or web development.

If you think this might be something for you, send us an email at or talk to us at our events.

Be a Board Member

Together with the rest of the board, you are involved in the decision-making process and can actively shape the future of Tanzquotient. You get insight into how a dance school operates, how events are managed, how financing is done, how VSETH works and have a chance to practice leadership. For board members, all courses are free. Being a board member requires the most constant time commitment but the details strongly depend on the area of responsibility and ambitions for Tanzquotient. Please contact us at or drop in at one of our board meetings.

Additional Information

If you want to have a deeper look into all the possible ways to get involved, check out our wiki: