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Traditional (“folk”) dances from Europe
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Carmelo Mordini


ETH Zentrum, CAB Foodlab


20.00 CHF for students, otherwise 40.00 CHF

Mon, 06. Feb. 2023, 18:00 - 20:00


What is Balfolk?

The name Balfolk refers to a mix of dances based on traditional (“folk”) music from Europe, and sometimes beyond.

It rose in the last few decades as a movement of rediscovery and modernization of dances and music from popular traditions. The core of the repertoire includes dances from France and other parts of Europe: the classical couple dances such as valzer, polka, mazurka; the bourrée, a partner dance without physical contact; dances in chain from Brittany, characterized by rhythmic and repetitive music; the so called “mixers” that allow changing partners and to get to know the other dancers. In addition to these, there also exist a myriad of other “international” dances coming from Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain and Portugal, Greece, the Balkans, Ireland, Israel, and more.

All the dances in Balfolk are simple and spontaneous, meant to be easily picked up and enjoyed by everyone. The community is made of local groups of dancers and is spread all over Europe. It grows through local events, spontaneous gatherings made for dancing in the streets, courses from teachers and from peers, concerts with live music, and international festivals.

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